About Us

Welcome To Saranag

Sarang is an organization conceptualized & brought to function, to bridge the gap between the concept of being healthy and holistic wellness.

Sarang is a platform that complements your doctor's medical therapy.

Our programs offer personalized guidance and motivation on nutrition, exercise, stress, weight, and sleep management.

We currently offer several programs for conditions such as diabetes, obesity/weight loss, heart health, hormonal disorder, kids nourishment, gut health and various more. Holistic wellness has evolved as a concept of well being of mind, body and soul and so is the foundational concept of Sarang.

Our approach

  • Being healthy is a matter of choice for most of the people. Lets make the most important aspect of our happiness and wellbeing a matter of priority.
  • Education is the key
  • Implementation is great
  • Making it a habit is the final goal

Why Choose Sarang


Mission Vision


To establish a demand for a healthy life by creating awareness, breaking complexities of modern life and well defined pathways


To enrich individual’s life by recreating the foundational meaning of life by strengthening the core concepts of well being